What I’ve learned from my italian friends in Rome

What I’ve learned from my italian friends in Rome

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My Rome exchange

13 things which I’ve learned from my italian friends about life and style


Hey guys, or should I say ciao?

I participated in an exchange program with Rome and had two amazing weeks full of new experiences. I got to know wonderful new people and honestly, these guys were the most interesting people I’ve ever met so far. Really don’t wanna deprive you all the things I’ve realized and learned during these weeks…


style | stile

there are more than moms & skinnys

that exchange created a strong desire for flared jeans. Doesn’t care if cropped flared or the normal ones, they looked so so so good. Also a new life goal: finding the perfect Levi’s 501 (update: found them, but don’t worry I’ve still so many goals in life.)

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there’s no limit when it comes to earrings

…so we decided spontaneous to get pierced in Rome. It’s my 5th one and I think there’s no better souvenir than an ear hole. They wore looots of creols and I really loved that!


less make-up is more

they were so natural, almost everyone wore just some mascara and concealer (bc these nights were looong). On fancy days just add some red lipstick (and always remember: ther’re so many different shades of red!)


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keep your hair natural

ok, that may be no inspiration for me, but if I had long hair, I’d keep them as natural as they did. Just opened, very healthy, shiny and well treated 🙂 (sometimes with a halfbun)


behaviour |comportamento


literature is cool

my exchange partner made me read a book after 3 years of absence of any literature (Vogue doesn’t count as literature, right?). Now I’m so into old books and stories like Agatha Christie’s detective novels!! Good alternative to my go-to-bed-with-insta-routine


history is cool as well

it was kinda embarrassing knowing that less about our hometown in comparison with the roman guys. I was amazed how interested they’re in history…new point on my bucket list: doing a guided tour through my city 🙂


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sticker are removable

never thought about pulling cool stickers from light posts, that’s such a great idea! Sticker addicton is international I guess 😀


hickey means succhiotto

I will always remeber that word. forever!


appreciate your city

I’ve never realized that Nuremberg is that nice. I was always jealous of the people who live in really big citys, but in fact, I really appreciate living here. I just love the multicultural neighbourhoods, the creative communitys and the mix of old history and hipster vibes

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the 80s vibes are back

not only if it comes to fashion, but also music or movies for example. Here in Germany, no one in our age would ever know these songs that well. Additionaly, I might have heard from a movie called grease, but I’ve never watched it. In Rome it was even the theme of a party. All these young people, singing the lyrics from Phil Collin’s or Lionel Richie’s hits, dressed like John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John! It felt like a flashback. I really enjoyed that it’s so different than here!



food |mangiare


red wine is so much classier than beer

it really is! So sorry for all the Italians who tried our 5,o- beer…


pineapple on pizza is a sin

I have to admit, I always loved the combo of sweet pineapple and savory sauce. But I really don’t wanna rot in hell, so I choose Funghi from now on. (and go with the Hawaii-Toast, haha)


friendship | amicizia


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the best thing ever is when your friends love your friends

oh yes! I was so incredibly happy that my exchange partner got to know my friends and they really liked each other. And I have to say, I also fell in love with her and hers, too! New point on my ‘things which make me fucking happy’-list♥ (oh and p.s.: we’ll see again this fall!!)


Even it was sometimes very stressful, because we wanted to get the most out of our limited time together, I’d never ever miss any day of these two weeks! If you have the opportunity to do an exchange or to travel in general, just do it. You will gain so many new experiences and remember that kinda adventure forever ♥




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