2000s Style Revival

2000s Style Revival
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No fear of ugliness: 2000s style
Everything about the ’00s style revival, what’s coming and what’s supposed to stay in the past

Am I the only one who’s waiting for new trends?
It feels like there hasn’t been anything new for ages.

The 80s and 90s style has been super hip for centuries. Almost omnipresent. I’m totally into that style and I absolutely adore strolling around flea markets and getting my inspiration from the young Wiona Ryder (aka Wills Mom) or Gwen Stefani. I love this style.

Fashion reinterprets old trends. It’s a never ending cycle. But it feels like we’re stuck for too long on the 80s and 90s track. What’s coming next?

The new revivals.
which come from the 2000s.

These early years of our millenium aren’t known for a good style. It’s not suprising that we prefer dungarees and chunky sneakers. The 2000s had some bad trends. Even I do remember (born 01′)

But hey, we also said that about the eighties and nineties, and now we can’t imagine a life without our scrunchies and carrot (aka mom) jeans. So I tried to convince you that there are some cool new looks from the 00s (zero-ies?)

but first things first-

1. The BIG NO-GO’s.
I can’t. I just can’t.


  • super low quality and cheap material, in which you can almost mirror yourself because of the bad polyester


  • the famous ‘chipmunk look’ was worn by everyone in those days. Who the hell started that trend and turned the 2000s Fashion Crowd into a rodent plague?!

  • rhinestones and all other types of glittering elements. This is a personal aversion, but I don’t like glitter at all. (for NYE it’s okaaaay) The problem isn’t the glitter itself. But most designers who use it get obsessed with it. They become enchanted by the sparkle and give their creation an overdose of glitter. RIP all the beautiful clothes, buried under rhinestones and sequins.


  • Ed Hardy. When rhinestones meet skulls meet bright colors meet trash TV. Just nope.

2. Styles with big potential for a revival
low-rise pants
Together with ultra cropped tops it’s unfortunately only wearable if you’re Keira Knightley. (what would look bad on her?!) It also makes your legs looking veeeery short. (sorry!) Nevertheless, it’s the countertrend to all those years of highwaisted-everything. Rolled up at the ankles and in a relaxed fit it shows the result of all the crunches you made (or not haha) and looks very casual. I’d wear them with cropped, oversized shirts and blouses…

jeans under dresses
Layering next level, I especially love wide midi-dresses with slim, light denim. There’re so many new possibilities how to combine AND I can wear my dresses all year long 🙂 dreams come truuuuu


free the nipples
OK, not completely bared. But I noticed that bras in the ’00s weren’t that popular. It will take some time getting used to it, but in my opinion it gives you a cool and classy attitude. Probably I was convinced by Gwyneth Partlow’s hot look with the transparent blue shirt…
The 2000s were so colorful! Especially in contrast to the darker and muted 90s grunge. Light yellow and blue were very hip. But beware, there still exist some clothes with horrible prints. (Best example: Sarah Jessica Parker’s assymetrical, horrifying skirt above.)

andeau tops
I need Cameron’s rainbow bandeau!! I guess the bandeau trend was the main reason for the absence of bras, haha. I love them, especially together with wide skirts. Summer where are uuu?

blue eye shadow
and because it’s EYE shadow, they really colored the eyes and everything around it. Light blue shimmering eye shadow was the shit. Itotally crushed on Christina Aguileras make-up together with the braids, the red lipstick and the jewelry. So cool!!

tinted sunglasses
No frame and tinted, or in ombré. A typical case of ‘ugly, but cool’ for me. Someday you get used to it and the glasses just stay cool. I totally love these sunnies, they upgrade every look and make it very fancyyy (but please WITHOUT RHINESTONES on the temples!)
2000s sunglasses (2)
2000s sunglasses (1)

outfit: sweater: Zara, highwaisted jeans: H&M, 00s sunnies: vintage Gucci, sneakers: Adidas


voluminous hair
The ones who didn’t join the rodent-squirrels-squad wore their hair undone and with an extra portion of volume. Super nice, very natural and without much effort. I’m in love with Beyoncé’s hair, btw!
The longer I researched about the ’00s, the cooler they became for me. Actually, that post was planned as an ‘anti-2000s revival’ post and has turned into an ‘2000s do’s and don’ts’ one. I’d say that’s a positive development 🙂

I prefer the bandeaus and sunglasses, but also with denim under dresses are quite cool. I can definitely make friends with these new trends.

In general, I had the feeling that there were no rules and the people in that decade just wore what fits and is comfortable. Everything seems really undone and randomly chosen, but I like that. The looks weren’t that chic, but somehow it was just allowed to relax and wear and combine everything you want to.

This relaxed vibe gives the 2000s a very cool attitude. And to be honest, it’s kinda fun to combine really ugly pieces and make them looking good 😀
Well, 2000s here we come!

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