my 5 favorite tips for good pics

my 5 favorite tips for good pics

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5 details which improve your  pics (instagram & co)

simple tips for everyone


-at first- The most aestethic, most emotional and coolest pics are snapshots. That’s a fact. But to be honest, photography isn’t  spontaneous most of the time. It’s kinda creative process until you have the picture which you’ve imaged before. So here are my simple tips for cool pics of your friends or yourself 🙂

I usually take my photos with my Fujifilm XT10 cam and a 35mm focal length and 1.4 prime lens. Recently I also realized that my iPhone 5 doesn’t take as bad pics as I thought…


I. find sth to (re)create

sometimes I walk through the city and suddenly get an idea for a pic. It may be just a detail which inspired me or even a situation I want to create. If I need some inspiration, I scroll through VSCO. There’s a mass of amazing pictures from a mass of creative people. Especially the poses and locations are most of the time extraordinary and easy to recreate. (minigolf court?)


photography-tips-vsco (2)
photography-tips-vsco (7)

look: top: H&M, jeans: vintage, sneaker: Nike Upstep, sunnies: dopeoutfitters


II. find a buddy (aka victim)

or even some good buddies with which you’d like to take some photos. They should a) be patient b) share a similar sense of aestethics  and c) want also some pics of them or good food in compension. It’s gonna be fun. Believe me! (p.s.: take a tripod with you for some pics together)


III. find a location

as I’ve already mentioned, VSCO is my favorite source of inspiration. But in general you can take amazing pics anywhere. For a clean style I’d prefer car houses or crosswalks, for a more natural style I love flower fields. On vacation I always look on Pinterest for good locations, sometimes they have smart perspectives and already explored cute places

my top 3: asia stores, sports fields and green houses



photography-tips-vsco (6)
photography-tips-vsco (2)
photography-tips-vsco (5)

IV. consider the details

refering to the location, there’re some details I’m always looking for: old signs/ logos (perfection: neon signs!!), flowers and colors which match to my look (yes…haha).

It’s also cool to hold something in your hands (fooooood) (flowers) (other random objects) (food) or to be in action (riding a bike, forage for vinyls…)

because my focus is most of the time on the outfit, I love details in similar shades of colors



V. let’s edit!

on my phone

at first I transfer the pics of my cam to my phone (Fujifilm-Remote)

if it doesn’t fit because of the (damn) instagram format, I use SquareFit, ‘double’ the pic and lay one on top of the other one


my two favorite apps:

  • PhotoshopFix

optimize light, saturation (softening color which I don’t like), sometimes I change the colors of some details

this app is my absolutely favorite! you can select and edit by drawing on exactly the parts of the picture you want to edit (!!!)


  • VSCO

yes I know that’s no insider’s tip, but in my opinion they have the loveliest filters (and most creative community). I always use A6, adapt the light, skincolor and add some graiiiin.

on Instagram I do the fine-tuning (most of the time I just raise the temperature)



photography-tips-vsco (4)
photography-tips-vsco (1)

on the blog


usually I just adapt the light and use the exposure tools offset and gamma correction.

that’s it.


So that was my photo routine! Hope you liked it and got some inspo!!






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