Why I went for a buzzcut

Why I went for a buzzcut

Seven reasons for a Buzzcut

Stubble hairs here we come


It wasn’t very smart realizing my dream of a buzzcut in Winter, but hey, I could’t wait anymore! I don’t care about the neck-freezing. So here I am, Lara with blonde stubbles!

There were many points which affected my decision, and bc so many of you asked me for some certain reasons (probably they were wondering about the weird timing, too) , I decided to summarize a few points why I have my long hair cut. Btw, at first I had only 3 reasons, but the more I thought about it, the more benefits I found!


I. Skin Care

That’s just a small point, but I’m liable to neglect my skin… (just because it is inherently quite good). And when I had been too lazy to remove my make-up before going to bed, I was covering impurities with my bangs. Now, I am forced to observe my skin routine, that’s a new and biiig motivation!


II. Flexibility

For many people out there flexibility may be the reason AGAINST a Buzzcut, but for me, it’s a lot more variedly. Especially fancy ‘eco-experiments’ such as using beetroot as a hair color is so exciting! Besides, I always failed with braids (I don’t have any muscles in my arms, so I always struggle with holding them up while braiding, sad, I know xD!!)

Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl
Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl
Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl


III. Make up

Guys, I’m such a make-up noob!! Tell me something about Urban Decay palettes, Mac lipsticks and Benefit Mascaras, I have no idea at all. I buy my organic-make-up-stuff at the supermarket, just because I have no clue about pigmentation and all the stuff 😀  I see the buzzcut as a chance to follow up with make-up. It looks so good, when you have a nice make-up and it’s in the main focus.


IV. Mix of different styles

That’s what my style is all about. I love creating contrasts and now with the short hair you will see me wearing more feminine looks! Awww, and huuge earrings! In addition, I’m really looking forward to the summer, running around in my girly dresses and feeling cool though 🙂


V. Handy

No bad hair day anymore. Hair-washing&drying-process in under 5 minutes. Bye, Bye greasy hairline and dry tips (sounds like the Loreal advertising, lol)


Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl
Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl
Reasons for a Buzzcut as a girl


VI. kinda feminism

A point that has nothing to do with any superficialities. In our society prevails the beauty ideal of women with long hair. That’s a fact. Look around you, on social media, billboards, TV… more than 80% have at least chin-length hair. I want to show, especially to myself, that neither beauty nor femininity depends on hair length. We are living in a time of breaking the bogged down standard. We should finally give up of our restricted thinking, in which we , as girls, don’t only have to choose between very long, medium long and chin-length hair. We have all posibilities and can actively decide which hairstyle (etc..) we wanna wear.

 VII. Anti-attitude
When I first talked about the Buzzcut plans, only a few liked the idea. But the more people doubted my new hairstyle would look good, the more adventurous and extraordinary it got for me and the more I fancied to go for it. I wanted to create something new, a completely different me.
(P.S. the feedback afterwards was overwhelming!)
So if you asked me, I would totally recommend to go for a buzzcut! Honestly, I struggled because of my shape of face and chin. But most of all, it has something to do with your attitude. If you wear such a hairstyle (any hairstyle!) confidently and feel comfortably with it, nobody cares about your shape of face.
I hope you liked that personal blogpost! Happy NYE you all <3

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