A teenager’s New Year’s Resolutions | life mind creativity skills

A teenager’s New Year’s Resolutions | life mind creativity skills

17 New Year’s Resolutions of a 17 year old girl

a teenager’s goals for 2019


If I want to reach one of my biggest new years resolutions I shouldn’t write this list. But as it isn’t 2019 yet, I’m gonna do it anyways.

New Year’s Resolutions have such a negative attitude. You put yourself under pressure, even before the new year has already begun… As I’m really trying hard keeping this blog a positive or at least ‘refreshing’ platform, I’d rather call this list a ‘source of inspiration for a even luckier year 2019’, so lay & calm down and just get inspired πŸ™‚


1. dealing with unnecessary anxieties like fomo (fear of missing out) (as the name already applies: UNNECESSARY)

2. read.more.books. (from the beginning to the end) (school readings DON’T COUNT)

read books this year: 4 (life of pi, murder on the orient express, death on the Nile, what the health), so it can only get better…

3. focusing more on my passions like fashion (uhh rhyme) *thinking about all these wasted days in 2018 when I was just to tired/lazy/uncreative to wear something but jeans and hoodie πŸ™

4. fixing my analog camera and learn how to develop fotos (already ordered some color films!)

5. writing blog posts constantly & with passion


Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (6)
cacti-blog-fashion-teenager (1)
millennial-guide-los-angeles-instagram (61)

my highlights of 2018β™₯


6. demonstrate for something good (because acts speak louder than words and I’ve never been part of a march)

7. recording a podcast (and getting over my abomination about listening to my own voice at the same time)

8. becoming a proper vegan… because Kinder-chocolate is no excuse for animal cruelty and seitan is bae β™₯ πŸ˜€

9. finding a good balance between me-time, fam-time and friends-time (I guess that’s a lifelong task but why not start in 2019?)

10. keeping the relaxed-school-attitude, because that’s something that worked f***ing awesome last year. living with as less waste as possible (!!even though I’m really paying attention to that, somehow my plastic consume is incredibly high)

11. growing my own veggies, herbs and fruits in the garden (precondition: watering them) (note from my 2018-alter ego: once a month IS NOT ENOUGH)

12. cultivating relationships and enjoying every single moment with people I love (ignoring resolution numero uno) (blog post about my Rome trip with friends will follow soon!)

13. more smiling in public (resting bitch face is not cool)

14. studying mandarin (I don’t have to speak well, just some words!)

15. learning how to apply eyeliner (guess my youtube timeline :D)

16. watching the news daily (It’s so important to be aware of what’s happening on our planet & I don’t wanna feel shielded from the rest of the world anymore)

17. NOT TRYING TOO HARD. I guess that’s the most important resolution for me. As I tend to overstrain myself physically and mentally with ‘all the stuff I have to do’ sometimes, I really need to do more stuff without anything to reach or to achieve.

Resolutions are a great way to reflect yourself and your habits, but sometimes there’s a reason why you haven’t started or changed something yet and sometimes it is totally okay the way it is.


β€œWe are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.”

– Satsuki Shibuya


happy 2019 y’all!β™₯








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