about KIDS around the BLOG

About KIDS around the BLOG

As the name implies, KIDS around the Blog is about the KIDS
(us) who sneak around "the block" (our world)
and just try to make something of our lives.

The focus on KIDS AROUND THE BLOG is on individuality
and the quest for oneself and the own style - apart from the
mainstream and the pressure always wearing the latest shit, what's quite exhausting and
hides your real personality from the world.

Behind KIDS around the BLOG

KIDS around the BLOG is a blog for adolscenting teenagers (haha) from a
16-years-old, fashion-loving, far-sighted, daydreaming and also 
adolscenting teenager like you and me. (my name is Lara)

I just want to live out my creativity, let my thoughts run free, and I write about some more 
passions besides fashion, like traveling, interior and food.

KIDS around the BLOG lives to inspire and to bring a bit of sparkle to your block.

Hope you enjoy reading and feel inspired,


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