basic outfit pimped up stylish

basic outfit pimped up stylish

5 ways to pimp up a basic outfit

small details which will update every look


We all love them. Together they’re like Three angels for Charlie, like Huey, Dewey, and Louie or the three Musketeers. They are one team and complement each other. Ooookay, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I’m talking about the trio of fashion! Some jeans, a simple tee and sneakers. They may not save my life, but they have saved my morning for so many times. Not many can claim that. (no, not even coffee. I am coffee hater. For real.)

Okay. Now we have the perfect trio. But we need some supporting actors, who make this show a bit more exciting. Otherwise it’s too boring, right? This blogpost is about the perfect buddys for your basic look, so let’s pimp it up! Head to toe!


I. Mäntel/ Coats

rose Zara coat outfit
basics: shirt: Armani, jeans: Levi’s; pimped up with my rose Zara coat and a vintage cap

I’m so happy to put out my coats again!! Don’t care if they’re short, long, with (fake!!) fur, or without, coats do look amazing! Always. They turn a basic look completely and give it an elegant touch. Especially with sneakers, one of my favorites!


II. Headgears

Just a few people wear headgears as a normal streetstyle, so this will make your look more special and exciting. The recent years, I learned to use the power of headgears, they can turn a normal outfit into a super stylish one. In just a few seconds. Beat that!

So, next to my alltime favorite, caps, I love to wear beanies, berets (lil Parisinne in my heart!!!) , bakerboy hats and shapkas (these biiig russian hats which are sooo fluffy and warm! had to google the name, too…)


III. Belts

outfit teenager belt with clip
Clip belt: vintage, Bakerboy hat: Amazon fashion, Leatherjacket: Magnum

Belts are the ‚center of an outfit‘, so they can nearly change every style. I don’t own that many belts and the most of them remind me of the young Taylor Swift countrygirl times. That’s not my style at all (!!!) , so I discover my passion for belts at the moment. I like this one, though.


IV. Socks

outfit improve with fancy socks
semi-clean Stan Smiths with my semi-transparent Calzedonia socks

Tennis socks are seen everywhere! Not suprising, that’s just one cool little detail, that makes basic looks a bit more fashionable. Anyway, in my opinion, socks are a fix component of an outfit. Because of that, my socks match most of the time to my outfit, even if they aren’t that fancyyy… I just love it when they look out of the sneakers 🙂


V. Schmuck/ Jewrely


Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel unique -Jennie Kwon


silver loopearings and cap
my favorite earrings

No, I’m not one of these girls who collects jewelry (I rather collect vintage clothes) and vary them on a daily base. Also, you will never see me wearing fancy stuff like statement chains or something like that. I prefer clean jewrely and I have my favorite pieces, like my tiny silver hoop earrings and studs for my second ear hole and my helix. I also love to wear rings or small bracelets. Anyway, these little details show that you do matter about your outift, these ones make your style unique!

I hope you liked that blogpost and got some inspo!! How do you pimp up your looks, if you aren’t in the mood for a basic outfit? Let me know!


Lara <3





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