Get into the Christmas mood | my favorite audiobooks

Get into the Christmas mood | my favorite audiobooks

Cozy Christmas season …with my favorite audiobooks


Hello friends of Christmas! Today im writing about one of my biiig addictions. Audiobooks! Especially during the Advent season, it gets me into the cozy mood.

When I was a kid I always listened to Bibi Blocksberg before going to bed, later I was totally in ‘The Three Investigators’ (but a not-so-creepy-version for girls, called ‘The Three Exclamation Marks’, haha)

And today I still prefer listening to audios. Much better than series !! Whether in the bus, to fall asleep, while jogging or cleaning, I just love that!

So…here is a small collection of my favorite ‘audio medias’ for every mood 🙂




… if you sit comfortably in front of the fireplace

Blackout: Tomorrow Will Be Too Late -Marc Elsberg

One of my favorites! Suddenly there is no more electricity throughout Europe, which has more effects than you can ever imagine…sooo thrilling !!! Perfect for cosy evenings, sitting in front of the fireplace and be happy that you could switch the light on if you wanted to.


… if you like teenie-love-dramas with a philosophical touch

Looking for Alaska -John Green

‘she loved mysteries so much that she became one’

Sorry, but in Winter I need some tearjerkers. But it’s just a kind of love story. ‘Looking for Alaska’ will inevitably lead to thinking, personally, I love that! If it was a book you would mark all these deep quotes, but unfortunately, it was an audiobook, so I try to keep my favorite quotes in my mind.


… if you are overwhelmed with the pre-Christmas stress and looking for a way to manage EVERYTHING

Lord of all Things -Andreas Eschbach

The japanese boy Hiroshi (such a nerd, but kinda lovely :D) develops nanorobots and becomes the master of all things. But that force has also its dark side with which he has to deal. Also very exciting and a personal recommendation 🙂


And one Podcast…


… if you’re wondering if there are female Santas

Get It Off Your Breasts

A high-quality podcast with Emma and Lliana, who get off their breasts what annoys them as feminists. These relaxed talks kinda change my view or made me think in new ways about some things, we consider as ‘normal’ but in fact, they aren’t equal.


I hope I could give you some treats for your ears 😀  Enjoy your free time on the couch, with some hot tea, a good audiobook and surrounded by candles (Lara’s happy moments 🙂 )


Happy Advent time <3

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