hand luggage on long-distance travels with style

hand luggage on long-distance travels with style

Packing for long-distance travels with only hand- luggage

10 best tips for stylish minimalism


traveling with only hand-luggage may sound like a nightmare to you. we’re gonna travel across the US for almost one month and yes, only with hand- luggage. that saves lots of money (we have 3 domestic flights and every non-hand- luggage costs extra). furthermore it’s so relaxed to have a good view overall your stuff.

but of course I want to shop in the States (vintage heaven here I cooooome!), so I have some helpful tips and strategies how to pack and style to safe some place for all your new goodies πŸ˜‰


don’t take with you

  • towels (mayyybe some sport-towels, but rather take your hotel’s/ airbnb’s one or buy time there, so much wasted space!)
  • big books (I’m gonna treat myself and take a thin Agatha Christie with me πŸ™‚ )
  • too many shoes (one pair of sneakers, birkenstocks and flip-flops. no more needed!!)
  • school-stuff (forget it. I’ve tried it so many times… unnecessary space. UNNECESSARY!)
  • too much make-up (hey, your skin is also on vacay πŸ˜‰ )
  • teddy bears (just look forward to the reunion πŸ™‚ )



1.use the laundry

almost one month on the run with only a bunch of clothes. I like feeling like an adventurer but tbh I don’t wanna smell like one.


2.don’t forget about their stores

in the worst case you can always buy stuff in your travel country. reassuring, right? my ’emergency-puchases’ were most of the time the coolest stuff which I still own (best tweezer from Thailand! after 3 weeks without plucking I felt like Major Monogram hand had to buy some!!)


3.be creative

I had that genius idea. I take my bit-damaged P&B jeans and will attune them to our journey. I’ll wear them on the flight (bc airplanes are cold places). the first thing I’m gonna do in NY is to organize some scissers and cut them so I’ll have some nice denim bermudas for the rest of the holiday. πŸ™‚

advantage: at the end of the trip I’ll drop them and I can buy two pieces instead of that, yaaaas


4.luggage light, passenger heavy

focus on thin materials like flattery dresses and shirts so they won’t take too much space, wear the stuff for colder days on the flight. try to dress yourself like an onion (aka just wear as much as possible on the flight…take the Michelin man as an example)


5.choose one palette

check if you can combine the pieces you wanna take with you. (especially colorwise) that will expand your possibilities of different looks enormous!


travel-with-hand-luggage-and style (2)
travel-with-hand-luggage-and style (3)



I try to have a good balance between my all time favorite pieces and pieces which I would replace with new stuff I’ll buy there.


7.be creative part 2

wear your bathing suits as tops, bodys as nice undershirts (especially if you travel around and have different climate zones) and shirts as sleep wear (of course NOT your sweaty-dirty-already-worn shirts, but you can switch them after some time and a laundry service)


8.christmas tree on the road

simple clothesβ‡’ loooots of jewelry, so you can give your simple style some nice details and it doesn’t take too much space (will take some time at the security check but oc you can also already wear it on the plane)


9.natural beauty

ok, I’m a beauty-minimalist anyways (or maybe I’m just a beauty noob), but keep things simple, take an old little jam jar, fill it with coconut oil (max. 100ml!), grab the travel toothpaste and brush. that’s it.

use the shower gel and shampoo of your hotel

and now comes the best part… you have a damn good excuse to shop all your desired beauty products from your travel country, I love to try these products anyways!


10.wrap it up!

If you roll your clothes, it saves so much space πŸ™‚ (and as you see, I have half my suitcase for filling up with new stuff!!)


travel-with-hand-luggage-and style (1)
travel-with-hand-luggage-and style (6)

that’s 3 pants, 10 Tops, enough underwear, 2 dresses and 2 pair of shoes!!!!



I hope I could inspire you to try traveling minimalistic! It’s such a liberating experience β™₯

P.S. blog posts about our US-journey/roadtrip will follow πŸ™‚


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