22 moments which make me happy af (summer edition)

22 moments which make me happy af (summer edition)

this blog post is also available in GERMAN

22 little things which make me happy in summer

because a warm breeze of positivity never hurt anyone


I actually planned a deeper blog post with lots of mindstuff, but summer hit me like a watermelon falling on the hard and hot asphalt (ok, that metaphor is wayyyy to negative, that’s a sad, true story), so I decided to write some tiny moments in summer which I absolutely adore.


enjoy the little things in life for some day you will look back and realize they were the big things -Robert Brault


1. when you get a private message (happy moment in general haha), asking if you wanna do a bike tour/ pool day/ whatever

2. when you fall in your bed after an amazing warm summer night

3. the scent of sunscreen


summer-happy-list (10)
summer-happy-list (5)
summer-happy-list (1)

look: skirt: Pippa Lynn, shirt: vintage, fanny bag: vintage, sandals: Teva, sunnies: Dope Outfitters/ H&M


4. sitting at the airport, full of anticipation of the holidays

5. wearing your favorite dress and it feels like meeting an old friend again after one year of absence

6. slipping in your Birkenstocks, glad because you’re so late and so happy not having to bind your shoelaces

7. the crispyness and freshness of the perfect (!) watermelon (sprinkle some salt over it, mind changing!!)

8. the relief that you didn’t kill yourself trying to cut the watermelon

9.  sunglasses! all shapes, all day long.


summer-happy-list (3)
summer-happy-list (13)

10. when you realize the sunburn turned into a nice tan

11. the scent of campfire in your clothes

12. waking up, birds singing

13. it’s 10pm and you’re wearing a shirt (or your favorite dress, 5.)

14. the kinda dizzy kinda tired but definitely joyful feeling after a pool day with your friends


summer-happy-list (2)
summer-happy-list (14)

15. driving back home on your bike, still wearing the wet bikini

16. long lake-dock-talks

17. crickets chirping (it’s a mistery, you always hear them but never see them…)

18. weaving floral hoops made of daisies

19. when you have a bbq and your corn on the cob is finally done

20. walking barefoot. anywhere. anytime.

21. playing soccer with your brother (barefoot)

22. riding to school on your bike and arriving with the best glow ever


summer-happy-list (15)
summer-happy-list (12)
summer-happy-list (6)


hope I could give you some positive vibes <3

feel free to share yours in the comments down below!!



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