label to watch VEJA

label to watch VEJA
brand spot: VEJA | green sneaker report
fair and organic sneakers.
Sounds, admittedly, not very sexy. No whit.

We are totally into green smoothies and handmade granolabars topped with a drizzle of goji-purée and it’s super important that everything is organic and fair.

But if it comes to fashion, we give it a wide berth.
Yep, me too. My association with fair and organic fashion are some brightly colored ‘coblon felt jackets’ (ya know which ones I mean :D??), additionally the price for a good conscience is usually a few times bigger than a shirt from Zara. It just has a bad image in the normal world of fashion, which is all about dropping as much collections as possible and inventing new seasons, for the biggest sales.
But one week ago, thanks to Masha Sedgewick, I came across the parisian label VEJA. No hint of eco-look. I was suprised. I‘ve been looking for a long time for a clean, but not boring pair of sneakers and wasn’t expecting finding them at a organic label. But I fell in love! Quite simple, but high-quality, with a slight 90s touch.
VEJA Sneakers review brand watch
VEJA Sneakers review brand watch

The cotton is grown at small farms from northern Brazil, without pesticides or other poisons. The sole is made of natural rubber and everything is produced with fair conditions for the farmers and the tailors. In addition, they try to keep their CO2 emissions as low as possible. If your’e interested, you can watch every step of the production process on their website.
Sounds good, hm?

When I read that, my little World-Improver-Heart beats a bit faster  :), so had to buy these. I know that I’m a marketing victim, but hey, bio, fair and cool? How could I say no????
But what about the price?

VEJA renounces advertising, so the shoes cost roughly as much as their not-so-fair complements by Nike, Adidas & Co. They are at least as cool as the ‘normal’ ones. My V12 in marsala red for 135 € are absolutely worth it.
They are high quality and look great. I still need to break them in, but I’m really looking forward to wearing them with my summer dresses <3
VEJA changed my mind and showed me, that there is a possiblity that organic&fair match with fashion.
It kind of gave me a view to the fair fashion world… which is cooler than I thought.
VEJA Sneakers review brand watch
VEJA Sneakers review brand watch
VEJA Sneakers review brand watch


Yes, I will still buy stuff which is made under bad conditions. And totally not organic. We aren’t perfect and there’s no one who’s always doing great. Everyone has to find alternatives to normal habits, which make our world  better. And buying one fair pair of sneakers is better than none, right?

Although I’m not a fan of  mainstream, I really hope that the label is celebrating a great success. It’s a cool label, which accomplishes combining the fair and the normal fashion world,
merci VEJA!

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