Best things to do in BERLIN on your classtrip

Best things to do in BERLIN on your classtrip

Best things to do on your Berlin class trip

The nicest places, yummiest vegan food and coolest vintage stores


It’s the 10th grade- Berlin trip. You have only 2 full days and lots of sightseeing on your teacher’s agenda. So let’s make the best of your independent hours in one of the coolest cities in the world.

For my friends and me that means two things: shopping and food. (need anything else to be happy?! don’t think so.)

I prepared all my must-sees/ dos/ eats and it kinda exaggerates haha. I have that amazing app called ‘Ulmon’ Offline City Maps to go and it’s a lifesaver! You just download the map for the desired city and pin the places you wanna visit. You don’t need to waste any data, it’s all offline and works (most of the time) without any complications 🙂



SOY  (on the Prenzlauer Berg map (1) )

park the lagguage, and then off to get some food!! We headed to a twice recommended restaurant called SOY, located in Prenzlauer Berg. It was a nice stroll and totally worth the 20 minutes walk. Honestly, I’ve never eaten something that delicous. Never.

you shouldn’t miss

  • the vegan Pho. the broth is heaven, so savory and full of flavors!! (better than the ones I ate in Vietnam haha)
  • the Mangoshake. fruity, thick & creamy (do I have to say more??)


really good prices for such a modern restaurant with high quality and all vegan food. Main dishes are 9-11€ and the portions are filling




(lunch break from 12am to 2pm after a cold but very interesting and intensive visit of the old prison Hohenschönhausen)



what we did

Brammibal’s Donuts (1)

Grabbed a metro ticket (we took a one-day-family ticket, one was the adult, three others children under 14 :D… for 7€). Straight to Schönleinstraße and the famous Brammibal Donuts store. It was sooo hard to choose, but we went for a maple smoked coconut (6/10), a peanut butter banana fudge (7/10), a nougat (7.5/10) and a lemon curd and bergamot filled donut (9/10), the place is so cute, really loved the pink interior!!


berlin-tips-trip-teenager (4)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (3)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (5)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (2)

you shouldn’t miss

the filled donuts! the doughy ones are ok, but in my opinion, the fillings are bomb (like the lemon curd!) and don’t forget to take as many pics as possible from these aestethic and yummy babies. (you won’t strike, believe me haha)


1 donut is 2,50€, 4 are 9€, I’m not a donut expert, but I guess it’s okay and these donuts are massive!


STROLL TO REPEATER (through the very hipstery Neukölln)



Repeater is a Berlin vintage store exactly as one would imagine: a bit chaotic, very 80s and 90s and furnished with neon lights, old signs and huge leather sofas. Oh, and nice new wave music in the background 🙂


berlin-tips-trip-teenager (18)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (19)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (8)

you shouldn’t miss

the huuuuge collection of sneakers in the back room (especially Chucks), they have so many designs, I’ve never seen before!!


it’s ok. honestly not cheap, but you don’t get the feeling that they charge extra for the ‘vintage vibes’. You have to see that they already do a really good pre-selection…shirts are around 15€, sweaters and sweatshirt jackets around 30€


next time in NEUKÖLLN

  • H&D chay, asian-vegan restaurant (3)
  • La Stella Nera, the vegan pizza menu will make you drool, vegan ricotta!? hell yes! (4)
  • Yellow Sunshine, just because the burger menu sounds amazing (vegan chicken bacon burger?!) and Bonnie Strange eats her burgers there (5)
  • Chaparro, mexican fast food with many vegan options and I just love building my own food! (6)
  • Café Botanico, love their philosophy!! They call it ‘urban perma culture’ and cook with their home grown veggies, sounds so lovely! (7)
  • Markthalle Neun, the famous food court! (8)
  • Sing Blackbird, the vintage store looked so cool through the shop window! (9)
  • Rag and Bone Man, a not hipstery but more really girly and bloomy vintage shop 🙂 (10)
  • Oh Mini I am, really sad I missed this one! The clothes on their page looked sooo cool (11)
  • Klunkerkranich, perfect spot for warm summer nights (which we did’nt have), nice rooftop and actually a must-go (12)
  • Birgit und Bier, such a cool location at the Spree!! (13)


berlin-tips-trip-teenager (7)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (6)

outfit: jeans: Levi’s (ad), bomber jacket: vintage, shirt: New Yorker, backpack: vintage, sneaker: Adidas Stan Smith


free time from 6pm to 10pm after a nice graffity workshop at the Mauerpark (such a cool place!!)

driving (with our cool metro ticket :D) to…




#sorrynotsorry but Berlin has some stores we don’t have in Nuremberg and we were on a mission to find some really rare pants!!

Of course we also visited the gigantic shopping center KaDeWe, we came there around 19.45 and it felt like we had the whole center for our own 🙂

you shouldn’t miss

the KaDeWe (1) stationary- (most wonderful note books ever!) and (of course) the culinaric department! It’s insane! (have you ever tried lime coke before?)



means pains in Spanish, what makes no sense because the food is heaven!! There’s also that ‘create your own’ concept and I went for a amazing wholewheat burrito filled with black beans, fajita veggies, lime soy meat (soooo good) and salsa verde. It was so delicious and so needed after the very exhausting shopping trip

you shouldn’t miss

going to the toilet and read the funniest quotes, maybe add some  (the impressions of Berlin boosted my brain, fortunately I had no pen, otherwise I’d had written novels on these toilet walls)


a normal burrito was only 5,50€ (tortilla, rice, beans/veggies and sauce) and you could add stuff for 1-2€. really cheap, delicious, fast and filling

fun fact: we were very impressed by the big sortiment in supermarkets, all these different ice cream flavors, snacks and drinks, but in fact, we couldn’t find one which offered cucumbers…mysterious…


next time in SCHÖNEBERG

  • Tianfuzius, has such a fancy menu, I’ve never heard of an authentic, chinese restaurant! and it’s vegan 🙂 (3)
  • Chay village, another vegan & asian restaurant (4)
  • Kleider Garage, a huuuge storage of vintage clothes and you pay by weight (5)
  • Bikini Berlin, the famous shopping mall which has also stores of local designers! (6)
  • Monkey Bar, sipping cocktails and watching the monkeys of the Berlin Zoo playing tag…so sad that we missed that! (7)




We visited the Bundestag (which was so much more interesting as I expected!!) and got fancy jute bags and a really delicious meal there (veggie style goes government, we had soy-bolognese yummy)


after that I took my best friend and we just strolled around until our feet hurt as fuck, heading…



(don’t forget about SOY there!!!)



I’d say that’s the most famous vintage store in Berlin! The assortment is gigantic and you may find the one or other jewel of vintage. –guys, I found the most wonderful bridal dress in the world!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t buy it because, 1. I’m not planning to get married (even if that would be the perfect reason to have a wedding) and 2. it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase 🙁


berlin-tips-trip-teenager (11)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (12)

you shouldn’t miss

their huge collection of retro dresses in the back rooms!


for such an institution for vintage lovers in Berlin, the prices were ok. Vintage shirts are around 15€…




lovely place where you can have a nice walk, look at the cute stores, gaze the nice art or just sit on a bench and do people watching.

you shouldn’t miss

Haus Schwarzenberg, a really inspiring place of art. There’re paintings on the walls, garlands waving and the vibe is very cool and relaxed


berlin-tips-trip-teenager (16)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (15)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (14)

outfit: coat: Levi’s (ad), shirt: basketball club, red jeans: H&M, sunnies: Urban Outfitters, necklaces: H&M, sneaker: Nike Air Force upstep



next time in PRENZLAUER BERG

  • Chapter Mitte, loved the retro interior and clothes on their website! (4)
  • Goo, designer vintage but cheap -they said in the web (5)
  • Vegan Tiger, healthy food from all over the world, all vegan (6)
  • Cat Tuong, and another (probably also very good) asian/ vegan restaurant (7)
  • momos, really sad we missed the organic veggie dumplings (was highly recommended!) (8)
  • Superfoods and Organic Liquids, celebrity-tested & 100% healthy place to eat (9)
  • Tadshikische Teestube, a tadjik tea room and restaurant, every monday they have their fairytale-evening, which sounds so lovely and cozy!! (10)
  • Strandbar Mitte, a nice bar at the Spree, frequently there are events like concerts (11)
  • Fairytale, a fairytale-themed bar, what sounds very interesting and magical! (12)


had a quick stopp in our hostel and then off to…


ATTILA HILDMANN (14) (located in Kreuzberg, can find it on the Neukölln-map)

the famous vegan cook has two snackbars in Berlin, this one is especially for burgers. I had the cheese burger and wow, it was heaven! The patty is crunchy, the sauces are amazing and if there was a competition against a ‘real’ burger, it would win without any doubt. The fries are ok, but I’m more a fan of thin-sliced ones…

you shouldn’t miss

to grab some vegan Attila Hildmann Chocolate!! You can choose from classic, almond, matcha and white, one bar is just 1€ and it’s just delicious!!


suprisingly cheap!! All burgers are around 6-7€ and veeery huge. Good deal!



after that we decided to enjoy our last evening with our mates at the Spree, which was the best way to end up that amazing trip!!

berlin-tips-trip-teenager (23)
berlin-tips-trip-teenager (22)

Just sad that we missed the fashion week by one week! But Berlin is such an interesting, multi-cultural and creative city, I love it. Maybe I’ll even live there one day…



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