Roman Holidays | a local’s guide through Rome

Roman Holidays | a local’s guide through Rome

ROMAN HOLIDAYS|a Roman teenager’s guide through Rome

the best places to hang out, shop and visit


Hey guys!

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Rome, but I just have to share my impressions with you.

Spring 2018, I got to know my Roman exchange partner, we liked each other from the first second & knew that we’ll see again…

Last fall I kept my promise, took my best friend and flew to Romaaa

Eva took us to the most beautiful, hipstery, local-exclusive places and I couldn’t imagine a better vacation <3

So here’s a 100% local teenager’s guide through a Rome apart from the Colosseum or the Vatican 🙂




Best neighbourhoods & why you definitely shouldn’t miss them

 ‘on the other side of the river’

we always came back here, because it’s just one of the most beautiful parts of Rome and my friend’s high school is located in that area.
Tiny alleys, lightened up by fairy lights and the neon signs of old trattorias, that neighbourhood fulfils all
the Italian vibes we wished for 🙂


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (14)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (15)

Trastevere is your place if you…

  • want to see how young Romans spend their evenings: Piazza San Calisto aka San Callo
  • crave some amazing authentic Indian food & head to Jaipur (tastes even better if you walked 25000 steps in the rain before 😉
  • want to try the best Marinara in town: check out Venanzio Suppli


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (39)


‘pieces of ceramic’

Literally a neighbourhood that is located on an old hill of Roman shards. That’s a very cool place to go out, just enjoy the lovely squares and go with the flow 🙂


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (36)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (35)

Testaccio is your place if you..

  •  …your definition of aesthetic is more shabby and you see beauty in imperfectionism
  • love art with a deeper meaning: many of these projects are about climate change, gender equality and other political issues. The artists did such a good job expressing their feelings and fear by painting the murals!
  • are curious about to see how an ex-slaughtery could become a place of beautiful art & architecture: ex-mattatoio





Located in the heart of Roma, this multifaceted area calms you down with its bohemian and lovely atmosphere (disclaimer: not an insider haha)

Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (43)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (44)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (9)

Monti is your place if you..

  • are sick of the touristy-parts of Rome and want to refresh yourself with some Italian lightness (without walking/driving too far)
  • have strong calf muscles (the name speaks for itself)
  • have a weakness for old houses in warm tones (as I do) (especially with colorful shutters)




Roman Ghetto
The jewish community was forced to live here from the middle of 1500 until the late 18. century.
The old buildings and narrow alleys give you a totally new perspective on Rome, but somehow it’s still beautiful in its own way. Oh, and try ‘Carciofi Alla Giudia’ (jewish artichokes) at DA GIGGETTO!




You’ll remember that place by seeing the old pyramid of stone. I also enjoyed and the street art and loved the mighty but fragile architecture of the old Gasometro


Ostiense is your place if your’e…

  • not talented in keeping orientation, I promise you’ll recognize that place because of the gigantic pyramid
  • hangry and need some nutritious and delicious vegan food: go to 100% BIO and enjoy the amazing buffet
  • totally into industrial architecture: Gasometro is a must!


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (37)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (7)



San Lorenzo
‘where Italian chic becomes shabby chic and high culture becomes sub culture’
Many young people and students live here & we really enjoyed the relaxed and cool atmosphere with all its vintage shops and the bright nightlife

Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (16)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (17)


San Lorenzo is your place if you…

  • are looking for some Italian vintage stuff: there’re lots of second-hand boutiques
  • want to feel the dolce vita everyone’s telling you about
  • want to be part of Rome’s local nightlife: EX DOGANA is a great place with art and music events or just hang out and drink at the Piazza dell’ Immacolata


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (13)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (12)



Another area with so many creative people and looots of street art. That neighbourhood was the main part of our Roman street art tour 🙂


Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (24)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (25)

Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (18)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (19)

Pignieto is your place if you’re..

  • kinda adventurer, who is on a mural tour (like us)
  • a coffee loving adventurer, who is on its personal quest for Rome’s best coffee: you have to visit the Necci Bar, which is one of the cosiest and loveliest coffee spots in Rome




…some more highlights…




Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (2)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (5)

III. Piazzi Di Spagna

Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (30)
Rome-holidays-travel-teenager-guide (31)

All credits go to my wonderful friend Eva who made these days so special and showed us a Rome
apart of the mainstream.
Also lots of love to Bianca, I’ll always remember that evening full of pizzelles and us 6 almost killing that whole jar of pistachio cream.
Legendary <3

Grazie mille!!


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