my sweet 16 blogpost | outfit, party, present ideas

my sweet 16 blogpost | outfit, party, present ideas

Sweet 16 | Inspiration for the birthday

, I remember like it was yesterday… in ‘Hannah Montana The Movie’, when Miley ‘s best friend, Lily, celebrated her sweet 16 party in  rented leisure park. (Hannah Montana fangirl outiiing xD) that time I was 7 years old and 16 year old people were just big and terrifying teenagers for me, but that party impressed me a lot. (guys?! own amusement park and Hannah Montana private concert? best party ever !!)

Well, now I am 16th and nope, I haven’t (unfortunately) celebrated my birthday in a leisure park. well, maybe someday, if I am a big blogger…

however. my birthday came so fast… in some kind of way unexpected. even for me, the little perfectionist, this birthday came suddenly in some kind of way. Nevertheless,  I made a little blogpost about my birthday (or birthdays in general) from outfit to present ideas, everything is there 🙂 I hope I can inspire you, not only for your 16th bday!



sweet 16 birthday inspiration
sweet 16 birthday outfit
sweet 16 birthday inspiration
sweet 16 birthday inspiration

definatly something glitteryyyy! My birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the only three days in the year I do wear glitter. I just love that I have special clothes for special days. The crown is a present from a friend, especially for my birthday, so everyone knows who’s the birthday girl! (additionly, on pictures you see it’s me right away)

lurex top: Reserved, transparent blouse: vintage, jeans: COS, boots: Doc Martens, necklace: Bijou Brigitte, crown: Claire’s


Make up

actually I wanted to go to a make-up artist (you know, these tryout-make-up offers in drugstores), but birthday stress was real, haha … soI tried my best and put some eyeshadow of my (glitter, what else) MAC palette on (first time I used it)



sweet 16 birthday inspiration



  • on pinterest I found this cool popcorn bar and I totally fell in love! just ask your friends, someone will already have a machine at home … I placed some toppings besides like M&Ms, pretzels and some more, so you could make your fresh popcorn, and then add some goddies.


  • I set up my moodboard / blackboard, so everyone could immortalize and we could play some games 😉


  • additionally I bought some fancy napkins from Tiger and put some candles in old jars, I didn’t want more decoration, everything should be completely relaxed


  • oh guys!!! get some polaroids, you can’t get better memories of you sweet 16! I just bought some pictures and borrowed the cameras from my friends 🙂



I didn’t want a big effort ,that’s whyI orderes some pizza (one vegan yumm), veggie sticks and brownies …



the most important thing is to surround you with people you like. the food, the decoration and all that stuff doesn’t matter. on my birthday it was that case and I can’t imagine a better way to start my new year of life !! <3


present ideas

sweet 16 birthday guide


some of my gifts, which I love and matched great 😀 … pastel highlighters (<3 !!), a book just for gööörls, a sushi notebook and my annual wish (which has been fulfilled … wohoo) an odernichtoderdoch calendar 🙂

everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with anything creative, aesthetic, cute, vegan, funny, or just useful. therefore it isn’t difficult to make me happy, haha ​​… besides, there are always some evergreens which most of the people are pleased with … here ‘s my list 🙂

  •   decor -is always a good idea! from scented candles to the light chains!
  •  beautiful stationery – from notebooks to beautiful pens, nobody buys these things for oneself…
  • shoes -honestly, you always eye that one pair … right?
  •  everything with buddhas – personal addiction 🙂
  •   flowers – because flowers are just great. every.fucking.year. <3 (alternative: cacti)
  •   short trips & time together – there is hardly anything more valuable
  •   beautiful bed linen – another thing nobody induldges oneself
  •   creative books‘ – for example about handlettering, fashion books or photography books
  •   handmade photo albums – because there are people who take their valuable time and make a album just for you <3
  • otherwise: money for food & creativityyyy (and clothes)


I hope you liked that blogpost and I could inspire you a bit (no matter if it’s the 16th or not)! I think birthdays are associated with stress and too many decisions (how to dress, who to invite, etc.) , which is quite sad! maybe the blogpost helps, give you some ideas and make decisions easier 🙂

have a nice birthday!

Lara <3

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