The Box | or how our environment influences us

The Box | or how our environment influences us
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The box.
bout being influenced by our environment

We all live in a kind of box. 

I’d say I’m a happy girl who live in quite a nice box. There’re people who I call friends, because that’s a synonym for lovely people. In the afternoon we do some sports and pursue our passions. Sometimes on the weekends we’re feeling fancy, try a new restaurant (so anything but sushi and pizza), meet new people with new stories, in new boxes.

All things inside of my box.


cacti-blog-fashion-teenager (8)
cacti-blog-fashion-teenager (5)
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not a box, but at least a closed ecological system 🙂

look: shirt: vintage, pants: Closed, jewelry: SIX, Sneaker: Adidas Stan Smith, Socks: Kappa


But I wonder what’s outside of the box. Who would I be if there was no box at all? If we had to choose everything without pre-selection. If my Insta feed didn’t spam me with Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers, leo coats and cacti? What would I like? (ok stop, cacti have a deeeeep place in my heart, just to make that clear.) Would we still have the same passions? Love the same things? Wearing the same stuff? Still choose the same kind of people surrounding us?

I really don’t know. I’ve realized that our environment shapes us more than I expected. I’ve always been quite sure that I’m kinda ‘independent’ person who doesn’t belong to a strict system. But to be honest: I live inside of that box /bubble, like everyone else does. Our environment influences us, but how can we influence our environment?

I’m wondering what will happen when I’ll finish school for example. It’ll be the first time I have to choose very big deformations of my box. Which city I belong to, which people will stay, which will come; and particulary: which will go. Which job will become my passion and which passions will fit to my job? Of course I’ll still be influenced by my environment, maybe I’ll find my future sofa cushions in an IKEA ad or something like that. But the big and important decisions will lie in my hands.

Somehow scary to get so much power at once. And I also think it would overtax ourselves always having the complete selection to choose from. e. g. menu & me: ‘Uhhh I guess … aaahh…oh no, sorry I rather take the other one,…is it too late to change once again?? I’m sure I’m not the only one … accordingly, I’m happy if I don’t have to choose between all the posibilities.


cacti-blog-fashion-teenager (9)
cacti-blog-fashion-teenager (1)


I’m not sure if we can be 100% ourselves. Or if that’s just a wrong defintion, because we’re who we meet and what we experience. But sometimes it feels like we’re just a reflection of our environment and we’re rather stucked in our own system.

Recognizing the system is the first step. (well done, Lara.) Finding the own balance between exerting influence and being influenced needs some skills and time. But in any case we should question ourselves more often what’s happening inside of our boxes. What we do, what we love, how we act, …everything. Even things we already take for granted and which have already settled down quite comfortably in our box. Maybe their time’s already up?


I hope you can understand my point haha…These deep blog posts always make me feel like my thoughts are way too chaotic and way too incomprehensible.
What are your thoughts on this topic?
I’d happy to read it down below in the comments!!

Happy Easter!♥





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