Urban Outfitters style | cheaper and more individual

Urban Outfitters style | cheaper and more individual

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Cheap and cool alternatives for Urban Outfitters clothes

How to look like you spend all your money on Urban outfits but you don’t.


Heyy, sorry my long absence! I hope you had a good start to the new year and  you are still on track with your resolutions (if you had any ..) ( it’s the end of January, so idk ..)

I don’t know if it’s the same in your city, but here the one&only store to shop, as a reasonably cool teenager, is Urban Outfitters. [or rather Rbaaan]

New pants? Need a present for a birthday/ Christmas/ any party? New cactus equipment? Urban has the solution.

,The clothes and the shops have a very cool and alternative atmosphere, but thb, I’m too stingy buying anything there. Sure, it’s really comfy to have all the cool stuff at one place … but no, thanks.

So  I found some really cheap alternatives for cool clothes with 70s to 90s vibes …


‘Urban Outfitters Style without clothes of Urban Outfitters – Guide’


1. Tops

This category has the worst price-performance ratio in my opinion


flea market

  •     real (!) vintage band shirts
  • promotion- shirts from companys that are so retro today 🙂

can be found at ANY flea market !! (especially not at the hip ones!)


H & M men’s department

  • a paradise for shirts with nice prints
  • big love for basic men hoodies!

…and of course everything in relaxed and oversized cuts 🙂


(conventional sports shops)

  • Logo-shirts with a wider range of colors from FILA, Adidas, Nike and Co.
  • Fancy leggings

It’s worthwhile to look in the normal sports shops, often there is even a lot on sale …


C & A and Uniqlo

  • Off-shoulder tops that look almost identical to Urban ones
  • simple camisoles with wavy hem

go to the ‘not so cool’ stores and pay half the price.


Second hand/ Thrift Shops

  • fancy shirts! (with such stark prints, aww I’m so in love with these!)    
  • generally men’s shirts

they are really standard at every kind of vintage stores,  they’re very cheap and I promise, these shirts had a live!



Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (7)
Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (5)

shirt: fleamarket, mom-jeans: Pull&Bear, fake fur jacket: TKMaxx, sneakers: Stan Smith Adidas, belt: fleamarket, creols: SIX


2.  Pants

Pull & Bear

  • Mom jeans! Best purchase for a long time, fits so good and is very comfyyy
  • Tailoring pants, really cheap and they have a huge assortment!

When it comes to quality, there is no difference at all to those BDG ones (home brand of UO). But at P&B (never recognized that abbreviation resembles peanut butter) are also many different colors and at a much lower price!


Mango, H&M, Zara…

  • skinny jeans / basic Pants
  • cord pants

My ‘market research’ (if you wanna call it that way xD) has shown that most girls fit in jeans / pants from one of the three stores… Of course they aren’t very high in quality, but neither are the ones from Urban.



Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (1)
Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (9)

jacket: vintage, shirt: fleamarket, pants: Mango, boots: Doc Martens via Amazon, belt bag: fleamarket, earrings: Schmuckrausch, necklace: SIX


3.  Jackets


TKMaxx (don’t know how the TJMaxx in the states is)

  • fur jackets, fake fur oc, but looks so good!
  • fluffy coats (and if I write fluffy I mean exerybody wants to you cuddle you), e.g. leo coats

There’s just a huge selection there, no popular brands though, but I do not care. Fluffy ftw!



  • Big coats on sale! Super cheap and look so valuable!  
  • Fur coats, especially in this season in many different colors

Usually I don’t like many clothes at H&M (except for the men department, hehe :D), but the coats are so beautiful!


3. Jewellery

(I admit that I like buying some nice earrings and all that stuff on sale at Urban Outfitters, sometimes you get a whole collection of jewellery for a few bugs)



  •     beautiful simple & clean silver jewelry

really nice and even high in quality 🙂



  • creoles in all colors and sizes (also for piercings)
  • clean necklaces in different lengths
  • plenty of chokers (personally, I’m tired of these, but hey, that wouldn’t’ be a real Urban Outfitters post without mentioning chokers 😉 )



Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (4)
Urban-Outfitters-Alternatives (6)


4. Shoes

  • get some inspo at Urban
  • look on the Internet for your favorite models (you’ll be suprised that there exist more colors than white, black and light pink) (or even plateau, uuuh !!) 😀
  • save your money and treat yourself with some extra guac!

I’m not kidding, the shoes at UO are at least 10% more expensive than anywhere else …

I also love going to Office London, they have always many extraordinary (phew, I was looking like 10 minutes for another word than fancy), special versions of the normal sneakers.


You see, I’ve developed a lot of strategies to save a lot of money 🙂 (yeah, I’m stingy, I know…)

Sure, it’s more effort to go to the different stores, but for me, it’s fun. In addition, you have a bigger assortment and it’s less likely another person wears the same clothes.

But, I do also understand anyone who wants to save some time and loves to buy all things at one store. And sometimes, it’s good to have less choices.


Do you also like the typical Urban Outfitters style? For some vintage inspiration the shop is amazing!

I hope you liked the blog post and the tips are helpful for you 🙂

Have fun! <3


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