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why I hate vintage | mindstuff & experiences

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the truth about vintage

and why I hate it.


Three years ago, it all started with an old Levi’s denim jacket from my aunt. I found it at my grandma’s, and really fell in love with the oversized style and the bleached denim. No way finding such a piece in a store. This jacket had a history.


I’ve never had a piece which made me that happy

Not only with the jacket itself, no, it was more the ‘aura’ (don’t wanna get toooo spiritual here haha) surrounding it. I imaged my aunt in the early 90s in L.A., wearing that jacket, it has such a nice vibe. And that was the start of my vintage love guys.

I don’t know if you know that phenomenon, but suddenly I literally ‘attracted’ vintage stuff. I heard about fleamarkets, my other grandma also gave me some stuff, I even found a nice and really old side board at a second hand dealer. These days, about 70% of my clothes (and also of my room) are secondhand.

And there are so many reasons why vintage pieces made and still make me happy.

vintage-hate-teenager-fashion (3)
vintage-hate-teenager-fashion (6)
vintage-hate-teenager-fashion (5)

an old 60s dress from my grams, the denim jacket from my aunt, with my all time favorite Stan Smiths and a retro fanny bag from my mum 🙂


Of course, there is that ‘clothes with history part’.

I guess these old men with their straw hats and half-opened linen shirts, cruising around in their vintage cars feel kinda the same. They feel these retro vibes and dream of the good old times with a Grace Kelly on the passenger seat next to them.


Most stylish way of sustainbility

You don’t have to buy brandnew stuff but have cool clothes without supporting child labor (or bad conditions for the sewers in general). That’s great! Sustainbility and consume with brain are some other big advatages for buying vintage.


You are individual

Additionaly, you will hardly find anyone else wearing the same you do. That’s the individuality part and may be the biggest reason for my personal vintage addiction.


That’s the price for all the magic

Buying vintage has that one big disadvantage: it costs loooots of time. How many fleamarkets have I already visited. Unsuccessful. How many piles of granny panties I’ve riffled through. (too) many. (ok maybe no panties, but believe me sometimes it’s just gross.)

It is work. And for me, it’s worth it! It’s kind of a hobby!


a really cute and still original vintage store in nuremberg: LaCola (complete look)


what annoys me

Because of all the other positive aspects, that kind of clothing became quite popular. And I hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if it was cool that everyone’s new hobby is visiting fleamarkets and humana or Oxfam were the new H&M and Zara. But it just isn’t that way. Secondhand has changed...it became ‘vintage’. (but I have to admit that vintage sounds 1000x cooler)

The hype made it so hard to find ‘true vintage’. New second-hand shops are most of the time very trendy and veeery expensive (it’s vintage, girl, this piece has history! It has its price…). So it’s really hard to make a good bargain.

Also, brands like Urban Outfitters noticed that if they sell real vintage additionaly to their usual ‘just vintage styled’ stuff, they can demand even higher prices. Sometimes you can even see the old 1$ price tag from an american thrift shop next to the 45€ price tag from Urban Outfitters. (that example is made for a shirt, btw.) And don’t forget about the environmental aspects which get lost by shipping all that stuff from one continent to the other. But the high prices are paid, just for the mere appearance of having rummaged in sale boxes and old attics.


I hate what ‘vintage’ has become these days. Just a word, that makes Urban Outfitters’ & Co’s cash register ring. A cool thing destroyed by the lust for profit.

But guess what, they can never sell the joy of holding that perfect flower dress from the past 50s in my hands. And the old lady which tells me about her first date she had wearing that dress. And my big smile when she asks me if 5€ are ‘okay’ for it. ♥





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